One Point Eight | Cocktails



At ONE POINT EIGHT we craft infused cocktails. We work away hard in the lab to create the perfect infusion using bespoke in-house techniques. You can infuse just about anything into a spirit. This gets very fun when we’re feeling experimental! It also means that it’s real ingredients that you’re tasting when you drink a ONE POINT EIGHT cocktail.

Our infusion process also captures the aroma of these flavour molecules to create cocktails that ignite the senses. These compounds bind to the alcohol and when tasted impart a depth that makes for a truly unique drinking experience.


Created with coffee that is roasted especially for us by Mission Coffee Works, we cold brew the freshly ground beans and combine it with our chosen infused spirit (as well as vodka, we’ve mastered bourbon, rum, and gintinis!). We then finish with Black Ei8ht, a coffee rum liqueur we created with boutique Pirates Grog Rum.

A beautifully blended cocktail thanks to the cold brew coffee, gives you a deep, dark cacao flavour. Smooth and sweet and perfect any time of the day.

We serve this cocktail with nitro(gen) to give it that perfect creamy head that everyone loves with their favourite espresso martini.


We have a full cocktail menu containing the perfect mix of still, sparkling and nitro cocktails. The menu contains classics, twists and our own creations, all of which have been tried and tested thoroughly by our lab assistants (and friendly neighbours) of course.

Below is the current ONE POINT EIGHT cocktail menu for 2018. We can offer bespoke cocktails for your venue if you want your signature serve on tap. Drop us an email and ask us for our sales brochure.


    Super refreshing gin cocktail. Subtle basil, sweet peach, crisp lemon.


    A Spanish twist on a classic Cosmo with hints of blood orange, lime and pink peppercorn


    Think Margarita, think Agave, think smoked foods, think Tommy…. why have you got Tommy’s cocktail?


    A fruity infusion that screams summer with Pirates Grog Rum infused with orange, lime, orgeat and pineapple.